Information for New Gleaning Volunteers

PLEASE NOTE: This page is specific to TCFB's Gleaning Program. For general information about volunteering with Thurston County Food Bank, please click TCFB Home (above) > Volunteer or visit The application is the same for all programs! To get involved in our Gleaning Program, just check "Harvesting/Gleaning" under "These activities interest me".

Thank you for your interest in gleaning with TCFB! We look forward to meeting you. By volunteering with TCFB Gleaning, you are agreeing to the Terms of Participation. Here is other helpful information.

First, registration

Everyone who attends a glean must first be registered as a volunteer. Once you are registered, you are eligible to sign up for gleans, and you don't have to register again.

At the Volunteer page, you can register to volunteer, update your application information, and sign up for gleans.

Find out about gleans

Open gleans are posted along with our other volunteer opportunities on the Volunteer page. For large gleans, we will send an email with a description of the glean and a link to the Sign-up page.

An email is not sent for smaller gleans, but they are posted on the Sign-up page. Often, we find out about crop donations on very short notice, so check your email or the Sign-up page regularly.

During the gleaning season, we typically develop regular schedules with farmers to glean on the same day and time each week. Currently, regularly-scheduled gleans are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings.

Please cancel if you can't make it!

If your schedule changes, please cancel so someone else can take your spot. The email you receive will include a link where you can cancel. Your courtesy will also help us schedule the right number of volunteers for the available produce.

When you arrive

For everyone's safety, we will not offer a van-pool option during the COVID-19 pandemic. When you arrive, TCFB Gleaning staff/volunteers will show you where to park and help you check in. We'll provide a brief orientation with helpful tips and information about the property.

What should I bring to the glean?

  1. Bring water to drink, and please take care of any bathroom needs before arriving. Glean leaders will usually have water available. At some glean sites, a mobile restroom may be available, but there are also locations with few options. We always make do and it rarely becomes a problem.
  2. You may bring a snack or lunch for yourself; however we usually pack snacks and take a break, eating as a group. (Sadly, not during COVID-19...)

What should I wear?

We suggest sunblock, a long-sleeved T-shirt, long pants, comfortable closed-toed shoes, a hat, and rain gear if needed. We have some garden gloves, but bring your own if you prefer. We are masking and social-distancing while gleaning during COVID, but the fresh air is a bonus! We'll provide blue surgical masks, but please bring your own if preferred.

Who should I contact if I have other questions?

Please check out the Contacts and FAQ pages. We are always happy to help.